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In 1990, the 12 English and Welsh Regional Electricity Companies (RECs), were privatised. Their main business, and by far the most profitable, was electricity distribution – along with electricity supply and, in time, electricity generation. In this special report, Utility Week marks the 25th anniversary of the flotations that created today’s energy market. Against the backdrop of the competition inquiry and widespread calls for the market’s reform, the timing of this report could not be more pertinent, providing as it does an understanding of the decisions that shaped today’s energy landscape.

This special report centres on financial analysis of the sector’s performance over 25 years, asking to what extent the privatisation has delivered value for customers, shareholders, and the country as a whole. The detailed financial analysis is written by long-standing, expert City analyst Nigel Hawkins. Alongside the analysis is complementary content on the generation mix and the future of energy, produced by Utility Week’s editorial team, plus interviews and contributions from some of the sector’s leading lights of the past quarter-century. The report has the highest production values, and will be an object to keep, consider and refer to long after its distribution.

electricity25 is a comprehensive overview of the 25 years since privatisation

It includes

- Exclusive financial analysis by market analyst Nigel Hawkins

- Exclusive interviews and comment from market leaders